Get a Free Home Inspection!


Why get a home inspection before your home goes on the market?

Most buyers will want a home inspection and most contracts allow a buyer to back out of the contract if significant defects are found.  Based on our experience with hundreds of transactions, there are two main reasons contracts don’t close.  One is because buyers don’t get the mortgage they need to close.  The other reason is homes failing inspections.

As a seller, if you accept an offer that requires financing, there is nothing you can do to be sure the buyer actually gets a mortgage.  On the other hand, whether your home passes or fails inspections is totally up to you.

When homes fail inspections, it is sometimes because major defects are found, like a leaky roof or a malfunction air conditioning system.  Sometimes it is simply because the inspector found a long list of small defects plus a list of neglected maintenance items.  We have seen buyers pull out of contracts in both cases. 

Buyers can quickly fall “out of love” with your home because of their inspection report.  They will often back out of the contract and pursue other homes that are better cared for.  Remember that many buyers lack the skills and finances to take on a lot of repairs.

We so strongly believe in the value of up-front inspections that we are willing to pay for them as soon as you list with us.  This way, we will both know whether there are any negative surprises.  Inspectors often find roof leaks and electrical or plumbing problems the owner was not aware of.  These are deal killers for many buyers.

If the inspection reveals defects and neglected maintenance, you would be wise to have these items repaired before putting the home on the market.  We have seen cases where a few hundred dollars of neglect cost a seller nearly $10,000 in price reductions in order to get a property sold.

House-hunting and going through the mortgage application process is often a lengthy  and difficult process for buyers.  After finding what they believe is the right home, they may not be in the mood to take on a list of repairs and “deferred” maintenance!

Talk to us—we’ve been through the selling process hundreds of times with other sellers!