For Our Buyers

We have helped hundreds of buyers find and purchase their homes on the Treasure Coast since 1994.  You can hardly name a community or subdivision here where we have not helped a family purchase a home.  Following are some of the things we do to make the buying process as smooth as possible for our buyers:

  1. We listen carefully to your list of requirements, likes and dislikes, so we do not waste your time showing homes that do not meet your needs.

  2. We listen carefully to your stated price range, so we do not waste your time showing you homes that are above your comfort level.

  3. We do the searching—we have been full-time brokers here for over 20 years.We can find the right homes much faster and easier than you can.If the right home is out there, we will know how to find it for you.At the same time, we are happy to check out any homes you have found that you feel might be a fit for you.

  4. We schedule the showing appointments to accommodate your work hours or other commitments.

  5. We show up on time whether we are meeting you in our office or at a home we’re showing.

  6. We come prepared to answer any important questions you might have about the home or the community.In the event we can’t answer a question, rest assured that we will get the answer and get back to you quickly.

  7. We know that we may find the right home quickly—or it may take a number of days and many hours of research.Our intention is to find the right home for each unique buyer, regardless of the difficulty.We want you to be comfortable that you are seeing the best available homes that fall within your price range.

  8. Once we have found a home that you like better than any other available homes, we will advise you of it’s current market value based on recent sales and on our over-all knowledge of the market.We will honestly discuss the pros and cons of the property including the resale potential, should you decide to sell it at a later date.

  9. We begin the process knowing that we will not be finished (and not paid) until 45-60 days down the road after spending many hours showing homes and many more hours negotiating the transaction on your behalf, coordinating the inspections, handling multiple details with the HOA, the title company, your lender, etc.We are not finished until the transaction is closed and you receive the keys at closing.

  10. We will truly dedicate ourselves to helping you find and purchase the very best home that is available within your price range. We will not be satisfied until you are satisfied.In return for our hard work and dedication, many of our former buyer/clients happily refer friends and relatives to us.We hope that you will do likewise.We promise to give them the same dedicated service that we give you.